Can I use my At&t phone with Tracfone?

Most Tracfones use At&t as the main provider of service but you cannot use an unlocked AT&T phone for Tracfone service. You cannot use an AT&T Go phone for Tracfone service either. You will only be able to use a Tracfone phone for Tracfone Wireless service.

Samsung R451c Tracfone Samsung T301 Slider and Motorola Razr

Can I put a Tracfone SIM in a Blackberry?

No Tracfone does not offer any Smartphones with their service. You cannot get or use a Blackberry with Tracfone service.

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Can I transfer the Service time and Minutes from my Tracfone?

Yes if you are wanting to use your minutes and service balance on a different Tracfone the balance can be transferred. You will have to have the phone you are transferring from active (both minutes and service time left). You will have to transfer all of your minutes and all of your service time, you cannot transfer just part of your minutes.

Net10 and Tracfone Samsung R451c Qwerty Keyboard

Can I put a Tracfone SIM in a Motorola Razr?

You cannot currently use any phone but a Tracfone for Tracfone service. They do not offer a Razr. The sister company Straight Talk does offer the Motorola Razr with their service.

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How do I get the Cheapest Tracfone Minutes?

First you must add a DMFL card to your Tracfone if you do not have DMFL yet.

By purchasing larger Tracfone cards you will get cheaper minutes.

$20 card = 33.3 cents or 16.7 with DMFL

$30 card= 25 cents or 12.5 with DMFL

$40 card = 20 cents or 10 with DMFL

$80 card = 17.7 cents or 8.8 with DMFL

$200 card = 13.3 cents or 6.6 cents per minute with DMFL = This is the best deal you will get on prepaid cell phone minutes. Buy the Tracfone $200 One Year Card.

Also I always buy my minutes online and check the bonus codes at the same time. Check here for Tracfone Bonus Coupon Codes.

Tracfone Wireless Annual Mobile Plan

Tracfone has two distinct annual plans.

$100 Tracfone Annual Plan

They offer a $100 annual minute card which includes 400 minutes (800 with DMFL). This card almost always has bonus codes available that will frequently get you a bonus of 200 to 400 additional units. Check for the most recent Tracfone Coupon Codes. If you just get Eight hundred units with this minute card you will only pay 12.5 cent minutes and only $9 a month for phone service. monspin-030110.

$200 Tracfone Yearly Plan

Also available from is a $200 yearly program. This unit card provides you with 1500 units 3,000 minutes using DMFL) and also a 12 months of service. With Dmfl installed these minutes are 6.6 cents each plus your monthly expense is below $17 monthly.

With either of these plans should you run out of Tracfone units before the year is up you’ll be able to add additional minutes by just purchasing another cellular phone unit card. Get $3 off on any Tracfone cellular phone or accessory $19.99 or higher with promotional code 23444

Samsung T301g and Motorola Razr V3

The $200 Tracfone Annual Plan

The $200 annual Tracfone program is the best offer in pre-paid mobile phones. No other Prepaid phone company offers the length of time you get to use the phone while getting the very low per minute charge of 6.6 cents a minute with DMFL.

What is DMFL

Tracfone DMFL is Double Minutes for life of your phone. With DMFL you will receive double the units that are stated on the Tracfone card. This will work for as long as you own your cellular phone. In the event you allow your service to lapse the Double minutes for life will work if you reactivate your phone. I do not advise at any time putting minutes on a Tracfone that does not have Dmfl installed on the phone. Adding two DMFL cards will not get quadruple minutes.

Buy the $200 Yearly plan and get one year of service and 3,000 minutes with DMFL. Please be sure you have DMFL installed Before adding the $200 card.

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