The Net 10 unlimited Calling Plan is quite Unique. Most unlimited calling plans require you to sign a two year contract. The Net 10 Unlimited Calling , Unlimted texting plan can be used for one month at a time. At the current time it is $79.95 a month.

Straight Talk Unlimited

There is a new Prepaid Unlimited Cell Phone  company.  Walmart Verizon and Tracfone have partnered to create a new company.  This company is designed to be the Cell Phone Contract Killer.  $45 a month will get you Unlimited calling, texting, and Data.    Check out the  Samsung R451C + Unlimited Plan for $144.99

Motorola W370 and the LG 225 Camera phone

The Unlimited Calling plan is only available in some areas on some Net10 phones.  I believe you will only be able to get the plan if you are using a GSM phone in an At&t area.  I am researching this and I will update this article as soon as I find out.

Unlimited Calling
With the Net 10 plan you will be able to make as many calls for any duration for 30 days.  You will not have to sign a contract.  You will have to pay in advance for one month.  If you want to continue the next month you will have to pay again.  To use this service you will have to enroll using a credit card.  I think you can use a debit card also although I am not certain.  You can only enroll for the Unlimited plan from the Net 10 web site.

Unlimited Text Messages
You will get unlimited text messages included when you buy the Unlimited Calling plan.  You will not get unlimited picture messaging with this plan.

One month at a time.
Quit for a month and restart without a penalty.
No activation fee.
No contract.
This will only work with a Net10 Phone, you cannot use a T-Mobile, Verizon, At&t phone even if it is unlocked.

The Net10 Unlimited Calling plan is a very good deal.  It will be working on the At&t network so if you have good coverage with AT&T cellular in your area this phone plan will be awesome.   Also you can try it for a month and see how it will work for you.  If you are going on vacation you can not deactivate it until you come back.

Net 10 Unlimited Calling Plan only from

Go to the website and click on the link to  Net 10 Programs

The Net10 Unlimited Plan has pretty much been replaced by the Straight Talk Unlimited. Almost half the monthly cost with unlimited Data and more phone selection. Check it out.

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