You may wonder since Tracfone and Net10 are the same company, Can I use a TracFone phone with Net10 service?


Can I move my SIM card from one Tracfone to another?


When you activate either your Tracfone or Net10 phone your SIM card is locked to that specific phone.  It will never work in another phone.  If you want to have service in a different part of the country then Tracfone/Net10 will send you a new SIM card for no charge.  I believe they will do this up to four times a year.

Can I use my old T-mobile, ATT or Verizon phone with Tracfone/Net10?

No, you can only use a Tracfone phone for Tracfone service or a Net10 phone for Tracfone Phone with Net10 Service service.

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Can I move my Tracfone phone number to Net10?

You can port almost any phone number to either Net10 or TracFone.  This is often where problems occur because Tracfone/Net10 is not the one doing the transfer.  They use the Cell Networks of Att, Verizon, Alltel, T-mobile and others.  The phone number must be released by the current system and then moved to the new system.   Sometimes this goes easily sometimes not.  If you can live without your old phone number save yourself a problem and just get a new number.

Can I move my DMFL from my old phone to my new one?

Normally Tracfone will not let you move your DMFL from one phone to another.  You can keep the old DMFL phone and add minutes to it and then transfer the minutes to your new phone.  You can do this with other non DMFL phones also.  Use the one DMFL phone to add minutes to, then transfer the minutes to a non DMFL phone.  When you transfer you have to transfer all the minutes off the phone.


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